Pod Track

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BRIEF: Design a podcast app with a focus on discovery.

FINAL RESULT: App Prototype - 8 screens + 2 desktop screens


Individual Project


TEST SUBJECTS: 16 | Age Group: 18-26 years old



Upon further inquiry I came across the realisation that there are different models and levels of sharing:




Concept 1: Friends

In this concept, the feed is populated with the users friends likes and shares.

Results: 7/16 voted for this

Concept 2: Groups

Users can choose to be a part of various groups. Each group is then fed with content based on what is popular within the group.

Results: 6/16 voted for this


Concept 3: Segments

In this version, the home page has various segments such as Popular with Friends, New Releases and Because you Heard.

Results: 3/16 voted for this


While testing out the various concepts, I came across several insights. And used them to develop a new idea which I then validated with my test subjects.

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Final Concept:

The final design was based on the reviews I received while testing the various concepts. Users were heavily reliant on their friends recommendations. However, some users said that being able to connect to strangers based on common podcasts would be a very interesting experience which is why I have incorporated a section called Taste Twins.

Another interesting finding was that despite voting for Concept 3 the least, on further research, I found that users were extremely likely to respond to this type of feed.

So the final concept includes a mix of groups - which have now been incorporated in the form of categories, friends recommendations and segments.

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