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Lollypop Designathon 2019

Lollypop Designathon 2019


Redesigning Sports Tech

In the summer of 2019, I attended a Designathon conducted by Lollipop - one of the country’s largest design agencies. While several hundreds of students applied to participate, only 32 were selected for the main event. All of us were assigned 3 teammates on a random basis and 2 mentors. There were also 3 common mentors strolling around the room providing advice as and when it was required.

We spent 17 gruelling hours working on concepts, iterating our ideas and refining our work for the final presentation.

At the crack of dawn (more like 8am) each team presented their work to a jury consisting of a designer from Adobe, Frog, the founder of Lollipop and the CEO of RunAdams.

If you’d like something more detailed, here’s a presentation deck of what our entire process and experience looked like! Here’s a quick disclaimer though - it may not be fully comprehensible. My portfolio is under construction and I haven’t documented this for a reader yet.

At the end of the presentation, the winners were announced and we were pleasantly surprised to have come in first.



RunAdam is a 360-degree sports technology platform that envisions to help and empower aspiring sportspersons all over the world. It also aims to bring together the entire sports ecosystem on one platform by integrating data, creating access, and facilitating communication.

Under the RunAdam platform, one of the modules is ‘Sponsorship’. This module helps an athlete to raise funds in order to succeed in their career. We were asked to craft a solution to ensure that the platform was intuitive, easy to use, and lucrative for both athletes and sponsors.


17 Hours