A trustworthy service to helps you find your ideal roommate.



TEAM MEMBERS: Viba Mohan | Rohan Sridhar | Priya Srivatsav | Archishman Durbha

DURATION: 4 weeks


Design an effective service for people living alone and looking for a suitable roommate.

TEST SUBJECTS: 14 | Age Range: 19 - 35



Through out the project we researched both the user group and the scope of the project in multiple ways. To keep this concise, here are our major findings:


While conducting user interviews and surveys, we came across many pain points and listed them out


However, for the sake of the project we decided to focus on a few main points based on their importance and prevalence. These are highlighted above in blue.

To solve these issues, we looked to other forms of secondary research - namely reading some psychology, competitor analysis and more interviews. Our primary focus however, was to help users build trust. And we did so as follows:


These solutions were then implemented in our low fidelity wireframes. The other problems - communication, compatibility and accessibility to roommate listings were dealt with using visual cues, defining the information architecture and interactions built for efficiency.

LO FI wire frames

We made paper wireframes as a draft - to segregate the information and add some a basic guideline to the end product.

We then mapped out the various task flows and identified various problems which we then fixed. At this point we had a general idea of what the product was going to look like so we made lo-fi digital wireframes and tested them out.


Screenshot 2018-12-03 at 9.07.03 AM.png

ROUND 1: Concept Validation + General Insights [Low - Fidelity]

We found that all the users we tested with understood and appreciated the concept behind the app.


  1. On Boarding screens were confusing and tedious

  2. Call-To-Actions weren’t clear enough

  3. Terms and phrases needed to be better expressed

  4. The app needed a bookmarks tab


ROUND 2: Validation of Solutions + Metrics [High - Fidelity]

In this phase, we measured the success rate of each of the following criteria:

  • Task Completion: 13 users satisfactorily completed the tasks

  • Discovery of features: Roughly 60% of users discovered features such as “Mutually interested houses”, Bookmarks, “Interested Homies”.

  • On Boarding: 12/14 users had no trouble with on boarding

  • Comprehension of terms (to see if we solved problem #3 from Round 1): 12/14 comprehended the meaning behind new phrases with no help at all with the exception of the bookmark symbol.


Final Screens


To prevent a tedious on boarding process from discouraging users from using the app, we split the process into two parts: Profile set up (right) and Setting up discovery filters (left). This had better test results than combining both processes.



In this use case, users need to talk about houses and we figured that that interaction should be simplified. We did this by making sure that users have the right tools to have easy conversations. One of the key ideas we had here was about making sure that users can easily talk about houses [video to the left].

iPhone X – 8@2x.jpg
iPhone X – 16@2x.jpg


To ensure that there is a certain degree of trust between users, we have introduced verified profiles. There profiles have been personally certified by Homie as authentic with a combination of in-person verification & social security numbers.

iPhone X – 28.jpg


View information about your profile in this section. Click on the edit button to update your information and images.

iPhone X – 9.jpg


Search for a room based on your filters and view Homie’s Collection of rooms recommended for you. In this section, you can see other Homies who are also interested in the same rooms as you are under the section titled Interested Homies.



Bookmark user profiles and rooms to visit them later.



If we have more time to work on this project in the future, we would like to work on refining the finer details. We would rework the filtration & sorting process to help people find their ideal match - one idea that has come to us is to ask users to fill up a questionnaire of sorts.

We would like to make the product more thoughtful to edge cases and the the different needs of men & women that may be specific to living in our country. We would also like to dive deeper into the nuances of being a student vs being a working professional.

Further we’d like to define the brand a bit more, because one of our favourite tasks was to try to create an experience that is tied uniquely to the product.


I think that I am fortunate to have worked with this team because all of of team mates were self driven, focused and enthusiastic. Working on a problem space like this has proven to be difficult for various reasons - due to the various constraints, the multitude of issues to be tackled simultaneously and the speed at which we were required to come up with solutions. But it has been a very positive experience for us because despite hitting several dead-ends, we always managed to find our way back and keep each other motivated.