A service for users new to Mutual Funds


Design a UI of an android app for the purchase of Mutual Funds. The app should perform on 4.5 inches and above screens.

TIME: 4 Hours




  • Integrate personal finance too?
    No due to a lack of time

  • Multiple Accounts?

  • Risk Level - how much is each user willing to risk?


The goal of these screens is to receive all the necessary information from a user to understand their goals and requirements - if they will be willing to take high risks; what kind of returns they’re hoping for; their experience etc. This information is then used to sort the portfolios to the users needs.

To accomplish this goal, each screen contains one straight forward question and a progress bar to encourage the user to complete the task. At the end of this form is a buffer screen to increase the perceived value of the solution to the user. If it takes ~3 mins to complete & we immediately show them the results it looks like we're just filtering a list, and the user won’t feel like it was customised.


The goal of this page is to encourage users to purchase mutual funds. Considering that the user may be new to purchasing MFs, I have included a bright blue banner that prompts them to learn more.

The cards containing the funds provide the user with information such as the type of fund, minimum purchase requirements and launch date. A filter button helps them sort through the

Screenshot 2019-02-20 at 4.50.14 PM.png

The main goal of the dash board is to provide users with quick information at a glance regarding their investments. From my understanding, it seemed like the percentage of Growth, Current Value and Investment are the most important information for any user. That is why it highlighted in blue. This is followed by a quick summery of each individual mutual fund investment.

Screenshot 2019-02-20 at 4.50.29 PM.png

Main Goal: Frictionless payment

This has been implemented by splitting each step into easy to process segments. A confirmation screen is also used to ensure that users recieve sufficient feedback about their transactions.